Why is fitness & conditioning important for young athletes?

First off, let’s briefly look at why these two things are so important for young athletes. As children go through puberty their bodies develop. It is important to take advantage of these changes and maximize their effectiveness.

Training is also a vital component of young soccer players reaching their full potential. You may have a talented young player who is skillful and has brilliant ball control but lacks physical strength and speed. In a situation like this, improving the child’s fitness and conditioning would allow them to utilize their natural soccer talent and reach their full potential.

In addition to this, fitness training offers the following benefits:

  • Improved speed
  • Improved stamina
  • Increased resistance to injury
  • Improved core strength
  • Healthier lifestyle

Not only can you improve your player’s soccer development, but you can also instill in them the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. The skills a child learns in soccer can be applied throughout their lives and help them develop into well-rounded adults.

How can young soccer players improve their fitness and conditioning?

So, how can you improve the fitness and conditioning of young soccer players? We have experience in this field and understand how to help young athletes improve. First, let’s look at a brief definition of fitness and conditioning. We can then discuss specific training exercises and tips to help improve the fitness and conditioning of young soccer players:

Fitness – Fitness is defined as “the condition of being physically fit and healthy”. It is a broad term that we apply to many scenarios.  With regard to soccer, fitness involves endurance, speed, agility, strength, and power. Young soccer players must be physically fit so they can utilize their skills and endure full-length matches.

Conditioning –Conditioning is more specific. It is the process of conditioning a young player’s body for optimum performance in their sport. This will ultimately help their development as a soccer player. It also helps to improve their recovery times and resistance to injury.

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